Land Rover, Series 3, Air portable, Lightweight, 4x4, RHD, petrol

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Technical specifications

Manufacturer:Land Rover
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Color:NATO Black/Green Camo
Interior Color:Green
Engine:2.25 liter petrol
Trim:base 2 door
Number of Cylinders:4
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For sale is a 1977 Land Rover Series 3 Lightweight. Also called Air Portable, these Land Rovers were built specifically for the British Military, designed to be carried by a helicopter. This particular lightweight was an FFR (fitted for radio) 24v vehicle. It has been converted to a 12v system. I am not sure when it was brought to the US, but I am at least the second US owner. At some point, this Lightweight was made into a military police vehicle-with added siren and blue strobe light attached. I was told it was used in Ireland, but haven't done any research myself.
The second picture is what the Landie looked like when I purchased it last April minus two large boxes attached to the front wings(they housed some radio hardware at one time). The rest of the photos are current. All of the accessories that have been removed will come with the vehicle, as well as many extra parts.
The vehicle has the 2.25 liter petrol engine with a 4 speed manual transmission. Since purchasing the vehicle I have added or replaced-
Weber 34 ICH carb
Pertronix distributor with electronic ignition
parabolic leaf springs with Old Man Emu shocks
front brake wheel cylinders
clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder
K&N Air filter-feeds a lot more air to the carb-kept all parts for the original
Optima battery
I have also had the cylinder head cleaned, valves checked and/or replaced, hardened valve seats installed(for modern fuel), and compression changed from 8:1 to 9:1.
This truck is not fast. It'll go around 60 but I don't advise trying to go faster. It has larger than standard tires which throw the speedometer off a bit. I don't have any trouble keeping up with traffic anywhere 55 mph or less. It doesn't do great on steep inclines, but with the engine overhaul it'll go up them in 4th gear at about 40 mph. I live in a hilly neighborhood and no longer have trouble climbing anything nearby.
There are two gas tanks under each front seat. The passenger side tank works well, but the gauge doesn't work for the tank. The other tank has an air leak and after a minute or two stops sending fuel. However, the gas gauge does work on this tank. The brake warning light does not work. This light comes on when the dual brake system senses a loss in hydraulic pressure. It is set up to have either front or rear brakes continue to work when one fails. I am not sure if it is a bulb, switch, or other sort of problem, but there is a switch with a light that doesn't work. Some aftermarket gauges have been added to this vehicle by someone other than me. It does have a working temp, voltage, gas*, speedometer, blinkers, hi beams, oil pressure warning, and choke light. The front headlights need adjustment but work and it is drive-able at night. The wipers and windshield washer switch works. There is a heater that comes on, however I have never used it. There isn't any a/c. It has a cd player and speakers that work well.
This vehicles easily switches to 4 wheel drive and back into 2 wheel drive. I haven't driven in 4 wheel low but it changes into gear easily.
This truck has drum brakes on all four wheels. It isn't quite the same as modern vehicles but does do the job of stopping the vehicle when necessary. Disk brake upgrade kits can be found for around $1400, but I don't see them as a necessity.
The undercarriage has some rust around the bulkhead/tire box areas. Also some rust on the chassis, but the chassis also has quite a bit of protectant and I haven't scraped to much off. I will try to attach pictures showing all of the rust underneath. There aren't any rust spots on the body. There is a spot that looks to have been repaired with possibly Bondo under the passenger side door. The canvas top is in good shape, as are the doors. Front seats have seat belts-rear bench seat does not. One side of the rear has two large ammo cans as storage. Could be removed and another bench added. There is also a NATO style trailer hitch and wiring for said style trailer attached.
This is a very unique, interesting, and all around cool vehicle. I often get asked if a picture or two can be taken. I have three children and need something that has seat belts for them to be able ride along.
I have the green bible, green parts catalog, binder full of receipts, Land Rover Lightweight video cassette, Haynes manual, and many other extras. I have the Weber carb that came off, the ducelier distributor with pertronix electric ignition attached as well as a set of points, extra distributor cap, extra set of spark plug wires, camouflaged netting, mud flaps with land rover logo, misc military plates that can be attached, and more that will be sold with this car.

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